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I’m delighted to share that Audio Imperia products have been featured in an indepth review in ‘Sound on Sound’, one of the largest music technology magazines.

Check out the full review in the current April 2022 issue: “The crash bang frenzy of action oriented media productions leaves little space for reflection, but in the wider world of music there will always be quiet passages where a solo instrument can make its voice heard. These are the moments Audio Imperia’s Solo is designed for.

The emphasis throughout is on lyrical expression, and the 13 musicians have risen to the occasion with a fine set of sensitive performances. As hinted previously, if you’ve been hired to compose the soundtrack for Death Race 2030 it would be advisable to look elsewhere for your samples, but when it comes to more tender, nuanced musical settings and delicate atmospheres requiring a subtle expressive sensibility, these soloists come through with flying colours.”