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November is another piece in a suite of pieces I am writing exploring parts of the year. The others so far being ‘Spring‘, premiered at the Purcell School during August. Currently I am writing ‘Winter’ for concert band.

November breaks down into 3 main sections, each reflecting a part of November. A main theme is carried through all 3 sections, manipulated and changed. This is most notably seen in ‘Golden Trees’ (0:54) and ‘Winter Begins…’ (02:21).

The first section ‘Fall’ (0:00) represents coming out of Autumn, where colder weather begins to kick in and days become darker. The following section, ‘Golden Trees’ (0:54) represents the best part of November where the landscape is temporarily transformed into a wash of colours as trees change and lose their leaves. The final section ‘Winter Begins…’ (02:21) represents the excitement of the festive season beginning.

I was privileged to have November recorded 26th November 2019 at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama as part of the composition department’s Chamber Pieces recording session. Congratulations to the other composers who had their pieces premiered at this session. I have attached a photo of the session below. Audio mixed by Jonathan Daglish, studio engineers ‘RWCMD BMus 1 Composers’. Conducted by Mark Boden and performed by Emily Albertella (Flute), Hannah Findlater (Clarinet), Mihai Stoican (Violin), Mischa Jardine (Cello) and Tom Scott (Piano).