On the 22nd November 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated, both destroying the innocence of the 1950’s and creating the distrust of the government that pervades through today. At a time of immense change – the Cold War, the first man in space and the Cuban Missile Crisis a year earlier in 1962 – a new precedent was set which shaped the world forever. If the assassination was stopped, who knows what the world would look like, with the Vietnam War not far in the future and the Cold War becoming ever more colder…
11.22.63 was commissioned by Ty Cerdd and composer Jordan Rees. A sound library was also created for and used within the project, compatible with the full version of Kontakt 6 using sounds from the existing 11.22.63 source material including playable instruments, pads and loops. 11.22.63 includes narration from composers Jonathan Daglish, Ella Roberts and Sophie Lloyd. Available from the platforms below:

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